The Happy Dance

There are plenty of days when I wonder if I will EVER finish my novel. When I’ve gone at a scene so many times that I’m convinced the whole thing must be a dud. But there is something about the story I’m working on right now that I can’t let go of.   In fact the ending is as clear as any shooting script – in my mind anyway. So one way or another I am determined to find the perfect story arc to bring this one home.

Today, however, is a day of the happy dance. I feel one step closer to my ultimate goal.

After a rocky start, the stars aligned and I finally nailed a chapter that has been a thorn in my side for months. I feel like a bottle of bubbly someone has given a good hard shake.  Maybe I can write this story after all!

This break-through has been building all week. It all boiled down to connecting with one of my POV characters.

Last week, I drafted a shocker of a chapter which I shared at my writing group. It’s a small group, and very supportive, so instead of awkward throat clearing or uncomfortable silences, my friends reminded me what they loved about this particular character. (And trust me they had to look hard to find any good traits in that draft).

But what they said reminded me how lovely and very likeable this girl is. She is the softer half of another character hell-bent on having his way. So she brings some well-needed light, in what can at times be a dark story.

When I got hold of what they were saying, and really connected with her, the scene finally worked.

So good day today. Words on paper. Story on track. Something to look back upon if the road ahead proves rocky!

Where are you on the journey?  Are you stuck? Struggling? Or doing your own happy dance?  I’d love to hear from you. 


6 thoughts on “The Happy Dance

  1. Yay! Epiphanies are great, aren’t they! And I bet all you needed was SEVERAL HOURS OF SILENCE… *cough*

    Your writing group sounds awesome, by the way. Best one in the world, I suspect. Just conjecture, though.

  2. I would like to see you do that happy dance! I have no blogging inspiration yet so haven’t started, so instead I’m doing the shy kangaroo. I’ll show you that one on Skype some day. Glad to hear you finished that chapter. May the words continue to flow…

  3. Days like these make you remember what you love about writing. It is the way those characters come to life and fill you with inspiration. I’m glad you found your light at the end of that dark chapter and wish you all the best! I’m about a third of the way through my novel and doing a serious rethink and reconnect with my characters at the moment. One day I’ll finish this book… 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. It really was a good day to get a breakthrough. I’m about a third through too and I’ve had a few wobbles wondering if I’m going to get there. So it’s good to mark down these good writing days, for the other times when you need to dig deep.

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