And the Award Goes To…

Some days you really need someone to say well done you…  So thank you to Katherine Amabel from Beyond the Hourglass Bridge for nominating me for the Reader Appreciation Award.  I put my first ever piece of writing up for critique on Katherine’s blog and discovered the earth did not in fact open up and swallow me whole…  Kat is querying at the moment and her blog is full of great tips and her quirky sense of humour.

So I’m supposed to share 7 things about me:

1. I once had a passport photo so bad that the border control officer actually laughed when he looked at it.  (The photo was taken on a windy day and my hair was sticking up on one side). That was back when passports lasted 10 years.  I still can’t believe my mother made me send that photo in…

2. To make matters worse the next photo was very glam (much effort put in to improve it), and border control didn’t believe it was me… *sighs*

3. When I was a child the Doctor Who theme music scared me silly – I used to think I was going to be sucked into the swirling time vortex…

4. I was also afraid of Cookie Monster

5. I started writing my first book when I was 13 – about aliens landing on our farm.  I only wrote about 4 chapters, but I remember it included a packing scene – all the things I needed to pack when the aliens came to take me away. I can’t imagine why it didn’t take off…  Actually I suspect the aliens got bored waiting for me.

6. I think Daniel Craig is an awesome James Bond.

7. I believe in happy endings.  It doesn’t have to be The Waltons, but a glimmer of hope never goes astray.

And to spread the kudos far and wide – here are some of my favourite bloggers who are worthy of many awards:

  • Aimee Salter – Seeking the Write Life.  Because her blog has great heart and she taught me how to *facepalm* – a skill I find particularly effective in many situations.  Seriously though, good writing tips.
  • E.M. Castellan’s blog.  Because she writes epic fantasy, reviews great books I’ve never heard of before, and does great author interviews.  And has been a regular commenter on this fledgling blog!
  • Yensenia Vargas’s blog. A great all-round blog, but I love the Friday Features – where Yesenia does a great weekly round-up on what’s good on the writing blogs.  I’ve found many useful nuggets on this site.
  • Rob Stroud’s – Mere Inkling. Themed around the Oxford writing group the Inklings (members include C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien) this blog always contains something insightful and thought-provoking…

I’ve nominated some of these bloggers for other awards before – but I think they are all worthy of mention, because whether they know it or not they encourage me on my writing journey!  There’s no pressure to participate – but I wanted to thank you all for being part of my writing community.

Happy writing!


9 thoughts on “And the Award Goes To…

    1. LOL! Now that would have been something! “Here now, Kids. Mommy wants some quiet time. If you don’t take your naps, I’ll make you watch Sesame Street instead.” “No! We’ll go to sleep right now, Mom. Promise!”

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