Technical Issues: Postcards from NaNo – Day 2

Hello blog-family,

Day 2 and there are more words. It was a bit touch and go actually. Bruce needed my laptop for a blu-ray emergency. Only it turned out the disk was faulty so even my trusty laptop couldn’t play it. Shame it took so long to figure out.

Felt a bit sorry for hubby and his friend who were trying to watch a Friday night movie after a long week. Maybe I am mellowing out in my mature-age.

After a long hibernation my characters have emerged rubbing sleep out of their eyes (you have no idea how I can relate). It feels clunky and a bit awkward, like wearing a pair of shoes two sizes too big. But I think the momentum is starting to build. One day I might even hit the daily wordcount!

Today’s word count: 578. More than yesterday. *cheers* Will take that as a win! Total word count: 953.

Yours still strangely optomistic (or overtired… not sure I can distinguish any more),

Raewyn the altruistic (hoping that is a word) one x


4 thoughts on “Technical Issues: Postcards from NaNo – Day 2

  1. See, this is what’s known as “ramping up” to full speed. Yeah, that’s the ticket… (you’ll just have to imagine that in a Jon Lovitz voice)

    1. I appreciate the support – I’m thankful for whatever I can acheive right now. And suddenly I have great visuals of ‘ramping up too’ – strangely they involve billowing clouds of exhaust fumes…

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