Gaining Momentum: Postcards from NaNo – Day 3

Dear Blog-friends and family,

Yay for you. NaNo can be a lonely place – but then you leave a nice comment. Thanks! Really. You rock.

It rained today, so spent day playing with kids. Built great lego rocket (v creative original design). Got taken down in lego dog-fight. Was reminded why I write epic fantasy – greater chance of winning when I’m writing the action…

Changed tack and back to writing The Fall of the Kings. No time to shilly-shally – too hard to pick up Legend after two year break. At least no-editing, write-the-guts-out-of-it approach is working. Not pretty, but moving again. Another win!

Today’s word count: 1282. *beams proudly*. Momentum is building. Total word count: 2235.

Yours momentously,

Raewyn aka the NaNo tortoise x


12 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum: Postcards from NaNo – Day 3

  1. Well done my dear, you,re off to a great start. Wll see what word count you,re up to by the time I come home from my trip up north. You can do it :0)

    1. Thanks – although there is nothing wrong with Sesame Street (I think we watched a bit of that too)!!! Hubby was at a training course yesterday with car – but today sun is out and shining it’s head off… Irony not lost on me.

    1. Thanks – but I seem to remember someone starting NaNo with a 5000 word sprint (back in the days when we were trying to keep to the real word count). Are you going to do it again this year!!?

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