Easy Like A Sunday Morning: Postcards from NaNo – Day 4

Dear Blog-Whanau (pronounced far-no – that’s NZ for family),

Another day and I’m still on the NaNo trail! *ambles slowly and whistles happy tune*

Feels weird to say, but NaNo feels easier this year. Actually having a normal life. Still making self sit down after twiglets are in bed. Still tiiirrreeed. But having realistic goals feels surprisingly good. Not beating self up over wordcount, just loving that there are words!

Also made first official buddy! “Hi ReGi!”. So don’t feel like NaNo-no-friends anymore. So glad she figured out how to find me, as time constraints only emphasise my lack of techno skills.

Today’s word count: 688. Total word count: 2923 (almost 3000!!!).

Yours serenely (maybe I am already asleep),


PS. Thanks for the lego props yesterday. Sadly my spaceship was absorbed by the Borg this morning…


2 thoughts on “Easy Like A Sunday Morning: Postcards from NaNo – Day 4

    1. Thanks. I’m not even looking at where I’m supposed to be on the NaNo goal line, but am really pleased that I’ve been able to settle into a routine. (If 4 days can be called a routine – LOL).

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