Visiting the Apothecary: Postcards from NaNo – Day 6

Dear Blog Visitors,

It’s the day after the attack of the tiny ninjas, and I’ve been sick. Waylaid on the couch and feeling miserable. This was not part of the plan. No happy tunes today on the way to NaNo. And definitely no whistling.

Quite hard to concentrate on plot when throat is raw and head feels like it’s going to explode. Funny thing occurred to me about the writing; my characters were in a apothecary shop. Lots of exotic herbs and potions and things to make you feel better. Strangely it was enough to get me through a short patch of writing. Mainly because I kept wondering if there was a miracle potion for my throat hiding on its shelves.

Today’s word count: 447 (precious, precious) words. Total word count: 4078. Hope those of you who are writing are having a great week!

Yours heroically,

Raewyn (praying the antibiotics work soon)


2 thoughts on “Visiting the Apothecary: Postcards from NaNo – Day 6

    1. Thanks so much. I think that’s an acheivement too… Hoping things improve soon though or these postcards are going to be a dismal affair. (As is my photo for the “There and Draft Again: A Fellowship of Fantasy Writers” bio – puffy eyes and a red nose are not a good look!).

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