Send Me A Postcard: Postcards from NaNo – Day 9

Hello Blog family,

Another day at NaNoland and yet another postcard. What juicy little titbits can I share? What marvellous things might capture your imagination?

Real life was full on. Started with an early morning dash to the hospital – which thankfully had a very good outcome. With focus entirely on someone else, it was late morning before I realised nasty tiny ninja inflicted injuries had morphed into a run of the mill cold. *cheers* Things are looking up! Am feeling so much better I even engaged in active procrastination this afternoon.

Almost finished writing part of story that has been stuck for so long. A shock reveal (literally) thanks to new approach I’ve dubbed Steam Clunk. It’s oversized and not very pretty, but it’s taking the story where it needs to go. Weirdly I’ve only written in one POV for past nine days. Very unlike me. Wonder if this means anything?

Today’s word count: 1758. First day over NaNo daily goal!!!! Total wordcount: 8565. Bo-yah!

Yours cheerily,

Raewyn (who has been awake so long thoughts now like treacle…)

PS. If you feel inspired, please send me a postcard, drop me a line… in the comments. I love getting mail and you’d totally make my day!


4 thoughts on “Send Me A Postcard: Postcards from NaNo – Day 9

  1. Bo-yah! is right. (BTW, I just love saying that word and will often just shout it out for no reason at all. Seriously. Okay, there’s probably a reason in my head when I do it, but no one else knows.) Steam Clunk, huh? Interesting. Whatever gets the words on the paper, or the screen. Keep chugging!

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