Fatigue: Postcards from NaNo – Day 10

Dear Blog Friends,

The only reason you can read this postcard is because it’s virtual and I had to type it. If I were writing it in my own fair hand it would probably be sloping all over the place and the spelling would be shocking.

No, NaNo hasn’t driven me to drink; but I am so insanely tired the type looks like it’s slanting. In fact I’m so tired I’m probably not safe to drive, let alone publish something on the internet. But there’s something about making a commitment to my writing that’s made me push through my own barriers and get words on paper when life is hectic. When I’d rather be asleep.

I’ll admit I’ve probably taken it a bit far this weekend. Pysched myself out by looking at other people’s NaNo word counts and having a crazy idea I could catch up and actually win NaNo. But even in this state I know this isn’t true. For me, losing NaNo will actually be a win if I can make a consistent commitment to write every day.

Today’s wordcount: 1442. Commitment yes. Commonsense? Not so sure in hindsight. Total wordcount: 10,007. *virtual fireworks* That was the real reason I kept writing even though I think I fell asleep half an hour ago.

Yours incoherently,

Raewyn (who cracked the 10K!!!)

PS. For anyone new to the blog, I’m not normally this fuzzy (at least I hope not). To see what it’s normally like sans-NaNo – please feel free to wander through the pre-November archive. It will be normal again – I promise (if there’s no long term damage), but right now we’re only a third of the way through…


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