WIPpit Wednesday… er Thursday?

The only problem with living at the start of the International Time Zone is the dates gets squiffy when you’re dealing with the rest of the world. I’ve just been visiting one of my favourite blogs – My Random Muse, written by K.L. Schwengel and seen she’s participating in WIPpet Wednesday which looks like a bit of fun (and keeps the focus on your Work In Progress).

So despite the fact it’s Thursday morning I want to play too! Here’s how it works:

The rules are simple: Every Wednesday (or on whatever Wednesday(s) during the month you chose to do so) post something from a current WIP, and share the link. The only stipulation is that your post coincides with the date in some fashion. For instance, today is the 9th. If you were posting today, you would post 9 words, 9 lines, 9 paragraphs, something from page 9, the 9th chapter. . . you get the idea, right?

So here are 9 nine lines from page 9 of The Fall of the Kings:

Marcus gave her an exasperated look, and then stepped into the shadow, pulling her into his arms as he did so.

“The General’s wife can’t be peeping down through the foliage.  What would my men think?”

“Don’t – you’re all wet.”  Celeste squirmed against his embrace, and then despite herself reached up and tucked a damp curl of black hair behind his ear.  “I like watching you.  And the only time I can is when you’re based here.  I should be able to check my own gardens without apologising. And for the record I wasn’t peeping.  Merely observing, with decorum.  It’s quite a different thing.”

He pulled her tighter to him and smothering a laugh, bent down and kissed her.  “Well that’s a different thing altogether then.  So what did you – ah observe?  With decorum…”

In hindsight maybe it should have been 10 lines from page 10… Ah well, I’ll get it right next Wednesday!


10 thoughts on “WIPpit Wednesday… er Thursday?

  1. Oh my! What did she see? This sounds like fun. Maybe I’ll play, too. At least it would be quick enough I could usually manage it regardless of what the rest of life was up to at the time. =0)

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