A Sneaky Peak at Page 16 – WIPpet Wednesday

Wednesday seemed to roll around pretty quickly this week, so it was with great trepidation I scrolled through the WIP looking for something shareable that would have something to do with the date. A quick skim through Chapter 16 revealed it is in serious need of editing (or a total rewrite), so I was holding my breath that there would be something on page 16.

What I found was this little transition scene before Jae takes on a thug who has robbed one of the travelling children. Jae is one of my favourite characters because she is fearless – the kind of girl who will always go where angels fear to tread…

It was late when the oaf finally spent the last of Tau’s purse and staggered out of the tavern.  He’d tried to secure a room, but to Jae’s relief the innkeeper had pleaded capacity.  With any luck he’d sleep in the woods tonight.

At least when the money was gone the opportunistic eyes had also turned away.  She’d waited as long as she could for the others, – if she didn’t act now she might not get another chance.

Jae watched as he veered off the road into the woods, and then slipped quickly through the shadows behind him. The moon was out so she could see him clearly – not that she needed to, he made as much noise as a wounded buck crashing through the trees.  As she followed, she fished a small tin of ointment out of her pocket and smeared it across her face.

Don’t believe in magic do you? Well you will my friend.  Tonight you will.

Let’s just say it doesn’t always go the way she plans…

If you want to participate in WIPpet Wednesday, you just need to choose a small section of your work in progress that has some correlation with the date. Today is the 16th so it might be 16 words, 16 lines, something from page 16 or chapter 16… you get the idea. I heard a rumour that K.L. Schwengel might be putting together a linky for anyone who might want to participate. But until then feel free to leave your link in the comments so we can come and check out your WIPpets until then!

4 thoughts on “A Sneaky Peak at Page 16 – WIPpet Wednesday

    1. Hmm when will I stop mucking around on the internet and actually finish it? But seriously I’ve just sorted out a great way to do the big sweeping overview edit (which I will blog about soon…). When I’ve put the WIP through it I’ll send you the start – I’d love to see what you think. I just don’t want to send in without a good once over – I don’t want to put you off for good!

  1. Hurray! Although, it still totally boggles my time-space brain that you’re already in Wednesday and I’m still slogging through Tuesday! LOL Excellent WIPpet. And no one ever said a WIPpet needed to be polished. 😉 Thanks for joining in the fun.

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