Very Inspiring Blogging!


Thank you to the lovely Leila Gaskin of Write I Am for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award this week. I’ve been following Leila’s blog for a while now and love her quirky sense of humour – if you haven’t already stop by and say hello to her!

And on to the acceptance speech…

Thank you Mum and Dad for always supporting me… Oh, I only need to tell you 7 things about myself (that’s a bit embarrassing)…

1. I have double jointed thumbs, which was a cool party trick when I was a kid. Now I try to steer clear of it because I can feel the ghostly fingers of arthritis in the joints. Bring on the Omega 3 – seriously I’m not that old.

2. I had a piece of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake. A long and involved story, but it found its way to little old Stokes Valley (Dad was in the Air Force at the time) and we cut it up and shared it out with great pomp any ceremony. I suppose it was more like a bite, but still…

3. My first published (and paid) piece of writing was a humorous piece in Dairying Today, about country kids leaving the farm and becoming city folk.

4. I did a short internship with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office in Canberra when I was starting on my legal career. At my first big meeting (nerves anyone) the Chairman singled me out to discuss how unusual my name was. Not only was I ready to sink through the floor, but looking at the name cards around that table thought – you think my name’s unusual?

For the record it is a name uniquely common in New Zealand (I know a few Raewyn’s). I thought it had Welsh origins, but when we travelled there noone had ever heard of it. I was called Raewyn after my Aunty Rae (Raeha) who introduced my Mum and Dad to each other. Some people call me Rae, my sister calls me Raybans, my best friend calls me Raebeam.

5. During November while I was doing the series Postcards from NaNoWriMo I wrote a post about a severe throat infection called Attack of the Tiny Ninjas. Weirdly the infection went, but months later my voice has never recovered. I now have a husky, raspy sort of drawl with no upper range. Makes calling the cat and playing SingStar difficult (and for some in this house – very amusing…).

6. I did once have to write a report for the House of Lords. The topic of this auspicious tome – the volume of effluent dropped onto the track by British Trains…. Seriously. I thought my boss was having a laugh, but then he put me in contact with people who knew a horrifying amount about toileting habits and I had to take it from there… There were a lot of very bad jokes made at work (mostly at my expense) during that period of time…

7. On a serious note, I am hugely inspired by the wonderful online writing community I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon. So many of you have inspired me to keep writing, to come up higher, to laugh, learn and discuss those things only other writers get. To my surprise I’ve also made some wonderful new friends who chat, tweet, encourage and make me feel part of something. To all of you, you very talented bunch – thank you. You inspire me.

These are some people whose blogs truly inspire me – check them out! (There’s no pressure to participate – just know you are inspiring!)

E.M. Castellan

K.L. Schwengel – My Random Muse

ReGi McClain

Aimee L. Salter – Seeking the Write Life

Kate Frost – A Writing Life

Rhiann Wynn-Nolet – A Nest of Words

Victoria Grefer – Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Brenton Dickieson – A Pilgrim in Narnia


If you are inspired by a blog, consider sharing this award with them.

The rules are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.


16 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogging!

  1. Honored to be on the list. Also very grateful to have met you on-line. Funny, supportive, helpful, encouraging — what more can a person ask for. 😉

      1. I’m sure I’ll fit it in. I got a doubler — one from Leila and one from you. 🙂 It may take till March, 😀 but I’ll get to it.

  2. Thank you so much! Interesting about your name – my name is definitely Welsh (well except for the Nolet, which is my hubs’ last name and has its own story). Wow, a report about crap on the tracks, lol. My first paid job was cleaning stalls, so I can sort of relate. Jealous about the wedding cake…well, any cake. I do like cake.

    1. You’re so welcome – your blog is always inspiring me. I don’t know what’s going on with the voice – but it doesn’t hurt so haven’t been in any great rush to check it out. They were vicious those ninjas.

  3. Cheers Raewyn for the nomination and congrats on your award too – it’s great to be inspired by other writers such as yourself.

    Your name certainly sounds Welsh (and lovely too, wherever it originates from). I’m actually half Welsh but have a distinctively un-Welsh name. 🙂

    1. The online community is great isn’t it, and I’m really looking forward to the new things you’ve got lined up for your blog (it looks great too).

      I was quite disappointed that my name wasn’t Welsh… but there you go. It sort of sounds like a fantasy writer though?

  4. You find me inspiring? Really? *beaming with delight* You definitely inspire me. 😀

    Since I’m a nerd and have a thing for names, I looked up yours. It’s apparently a Hebrew-Welsh hybrid meaning something like “blessed ewe”.

  5. Congratulations on being inspiring! I am glad to have found your blog, and I have already found you inspiring.

    I am also honored to get a mention from you. Thanks!

    I have found the blog very useful, and Stephanie, it’s primary poster, is great. Her posts have given me a lot to think about in my writing. I thought maybe you would like it too. 🙂

    1. Firstly your blog is great – so shout out well deserved. be kind rewrite looks great (I can see I’m going to need some time to go through some of their old posts!)

      After your post about characters trying to kill you I came across a truly excellent post – (v funny too) about plot bunnies that made me think of you. Check out the ‘Nothing to Write with Bunny’ (sorry for some reason the link won’t paste here).

      It’s such a good piece I’m hoping to post about it soon!

      1. Yes, I can definitely recommend digging in BeKind’s archives. It took me a while, but was well worth the effort!

        Oh… my… fragglewhatsit… someone’s actually bothered to categorize these things? I guess I should have known. I attribute most of these actions to my muse (vicious thing) or my characters (mostly trouble-makers) but the effect is largely the same. I had so much trouble with the “nothing to write with bunny” in my younger days that I ALWAYS carry a notebook and several pens, even when I am hiking and weight is an issue. There’s a notebook and pen beside my bed, too. I ought to keep one in my car…

        I hope you do!

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