Tender Moments – Wednesday WIPpet

After a week of frenetic activity, I’m so glad that today’s Wednesday WIPpet is a quiet little piece on what is a momentous day for my characters. In honour of the 13th, this passage is about 13 lines from Chapter 13 of The Fall of the Kings.

In this piece the Sanctuary is being dedicated, Marcus Verona is being crowned King and his wife’s Uncle, Gareth, has ended his reign. This part is told from Celeste’s (Marcus’s wife’s) point of view.

Sometime after the angel cake was depleted, Salina abandoned her cousins and made her way back to her mother. As the Kings approached the Sanctuary, an expectant hush fell upon the crowd; and Salina climbed onto her mother’s lap, burying her little face in the curve of Celeste’s neck.

Wrapping her arms tightly about her daughter, Celeste inhaled the sweet, familiar scent of Salina’s hair.  In the midst of this mindboggling number of people, and the gravity of what was happening to Marcus and their family, this at least was familiar.

One by one the Kings disappeared into the garden, and returned to receive their royal regalia from the elders.

Only Gareth, beaming like a little boy with a fistful of candy, received a cloak of burnished bronze – the colour of the Reach, and a pair of plain sandals. As he left the circle of Kings, he winked at Danae. That small gesture snipped away Celeste’s last doubts. Sovereignty hadn’t changed Gareth, and it wouldn’t change her and Marcus either.

 ‘Where’s Papa?’  Salina was jiggling her foot against Celeste’s shins, and a hint of fear tinged the stage-whisper.

‘It’s alright. He’ll be out soon.’

For those of you who might want to join us – participating is easy!

Share a portion of your Work in Progress, that corresponds to the date. 13 words, lines, paragraphs from page 13 or chapter 13 – feel free to be creative.

Then either click on the linky here, and join in the fun.

Happy writing!

17 thoughts on “Tender Moments – Wednesday WIPpet

  1. A beautifully captured scene and I really liked the line, ‘Only Gareth, beaming like a little boy with a fistful of candy…’

    I’ve really been enjoying reading your WIP, so I’ve decided to join you for WIPpet Wednesday (at least every other week when I’m not publishing Writing Workshop posts). It’s not quite Wednesday yet though in the UK!

    1. Hooray – always so much fun when others join in. Kathi loads up the Linky, but it’s still Tuesday in the States too… At least I’m ahead at something.

      Thanks for the encouraging words too – I look forward to reading your post.

  2. Sounds like a very sweet relationship between mom and daughter. But you really threw me off, as here where I live it is only Tuesday evening! I wondered if I had missed a day or something!

  3. I love the feel of this. Also, Gareth is one of my favorite names, and he sounds from this snippet like a character I would like as well. The one thing that tripped me up was the thought of a cloak of burnished bronze. How does that work?

    1. Whoops it’s the colour of burnished bronze – will tweak in editing. I like the name Gareth too, although he’s a secondary character he certainly has charm – he steals a few scenes on the way through.

      1. Ah, that makes more sense 🙂
        I have a weakness for secondary characters. I often like them more than primary ones, and scene-stealing secondary characters are the best!
        Of course, the downside to my weakness is that my favorite characters die very often while the main protagonists, about whom I care a lot less, survive.

      2. I must say by the end of this trilogy some fairly major characters die, but I’m pretty sure Gareth isn’t one of them (although now that you say that I’d better make sure he has some added protection)!

    1. Thanks, I’m quite enjoying the WIPpets. Although so pleased children back at school, and a few very hectic weeks – have a whole day of writing planned for tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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