A Persistent Fool – WIPpet Wednesday

As promised in my last post, The Perils of Falling For Your Villain, this week’s WIPpet Wednesday introduces my newest bad guy known only as the Elder. Have you ever known one of those people who just keep pushing their point far past the point of good sense. Well this poor fool is pushing the wrong person.

Bearing in mind this is a peek into my Work In Progress – The Fall of the Kings, it appears in all its first draftiness. So without further ado: 20 lines of the Elder:

The Elder worked his jaw as he pounded through the trees; pushing through the red haze threatening to overwhelm his better judgement.

Slow down. Pick your moment.

But with the heavy-footed idiot blundering along behind him, it took all his willpower not to strike the fool down mid-stride.

Reaching a heavily shaded spot, secluded and far enough from the crowd, he spun on his heel. The fool wasn’t paying attention and almost ploughed right into him. The panic-stricken look on the man’s face calmed the Elder.

Now he sees the danger.

The Elder didn’t move nor did he speak, as the man stumbled backwards his eyes as wide as a fresh water bullfrog. Unfortunately he wasn’t as smart. Puffing himself up to full height, he started forward again.

“When -.”

“Did I not make it perfectly clear last time?”  There was ice in the Elder’s tone – a fool would have picked up on it – yet the man did not back down.

“But Josiah is looking for -.”

“Enough.” The Elder’s lips peeled back and the word came out as a snarl. “You were warned.”

The fool took another step forward. “Are you threatening me?

Some people are slow learners.

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog-hop, where we open up our Work in Progress to share a slice of the creative process. If you’d like to join us, just choose a slice of your writing that has some relevance to the date – today’s the 20th, so 20 words / lines, from page 20 or chapter 20 and add your post to this linky. Thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!


24 thoughts on “A Persistent Fool – WIPpet Wednesday

      1. Messes with my family and friends, too- they have trouble with me being an hour and a half (or two and a half hours, etc) ahead of them. I like living in the future, though. 🙂

      2. Only because I’m still working on the portal . . . now, where did I put the duct tape and Popsicle sticks?

    1. You should – it’s fun seeing what everyone is working on!

      In this story the elders are people whose lives are spent in the service of their god. This one however is running his own agenda and it’s not good by any stretch of the imagination.

    1. Yes he is, but is fast running out of patience with this underling. And those that know his true nature should know better…

      Thanks, am looking forward to the day this thing is even close to being finished!

  1. It wouldn’t be any fun if the bumbling fool backed down as soon as he was told to. Sounds like this particular Elder is going to be an interesting (and fun to write) bad guy!

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