A Time for Answers: WIPpet Wednesday


It’s WIPpet Wednesday again, where I crack open my Work in Progress to give you a peak at my writerly heart. Today’s WIPet, in honour of the 27th is taken from page 27 of The Legend of the Kings. Legend was the book that started this great big epic fantasy of mine and I’ve been revisiting it lately to see how much will need to be re-written in light of The Fall of the Kings. Some things that were reader reveals in Legend have actually been explained in Fall, so there’s been a bit of reorganisation – and with regard to this passage – timelines too. Legend was supposed to be generations after Fall but to get the trilogy to hang together it’s now within one lifetime.

Background to this passage: Gaelladorn is isolated from the outside wall by a boundary – the only thing keeping a plague of dragons out. A family tragedy, directly related to the boundary has left Aiden alone and angry, until he stumbles across some information about the boundary that doesn’t make sense. Despite direct opposition from the powers that be at the Sanctuary, Aiden sets off to unravel the mystery. In this passage he has found himself at a sheep station near to the boundary, trying to get information out of the Fraser family – a very tight-knit and until now, closed-lipped group:

Every eye was on Aiden as he recounted his tale of finding the scroll and his theory about what Daniel Fells was doing with the Overseer’s ring.  As he spoke even the children seemed to settle, hanging on every word.

“I was hoping you might know where Daniel was working the day he disappeared?”

 No one said anything.

As Aiden looked at the faces around the table, his heart sank. What could they possibly know after all this time?

“Why is it so important to you?”  There was no warmth in Ian Fraser’s eyes, and the challenge hung heavy in the air.

 Why indeed?  Why was this so important?

Reasons swarmed up to justify his quest.  Because he couldn’t live one more day trapped behind an ineffective boundary.  Because almost everyone he loved was dead.  Because what was left of his life was so unbearable he needed something to fill it – even if it was impossible.  Yet as the painful thoughts arose, something quieter pushed at his memory.

“Because what happened wasn’t right.”

The words seemed to slip out of him, and by the blank expressions he was afraid he’d blown any chance with the Frasers.  But to his surprise it was Annie who spoke.

“My grandmother told me about Daniel, and she’d heard it from her grandmother.”

 “Mother.”  Ian’s voice held a rebuke.

  “No.”  The old lady dismissed her son with a wave.  “He can have the truth, at least what we know of it…”

If you’d like to join in the WIPpet fun, post a section of your work in progress that has some relevance to the date – 27 words, lines, something from page 27 or chapter 27 (it’s pretty flexible), then add your link to this linky and check out what the other WIPeteers are working on. Many thanks again to the lovely K.L.Schwengel for hosting!



20 thoughts on “A Time for Answers: WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Even from reading this tiny bit it’s evident that there’s so much sadness within Aiden yet also a desire (or drive?) to do the right thing and find out the truth. He’s a very appealing character. You’d better hurry up and finish the trilogy and publish it Raewyn because you’ve got me hooked!

  2. That’s a beautiful scene. I really like that the hero questioned his quest in a not-despair-filled moment. I like him. Are you going to finish the trilogy before you release the first book? You’re on book two, right?

    1. Poor Aiden, I wonder if his whole life is a bit of a despair filled moment – but I like his determination. He just keeps going.

      I haven’t finished the first book yet (so why am I back playing around with 3 you ask…?!) – as soon as it’s done I’ll query that. I just find book 3 was where it all began and I miss those characters, so when I’m struggling to keep going with 1 I go back there and hang out a while.

      1. I think it makes sense to get pretty well into the final book of a planned trilogy before submitting the first one. So much can happen in a book and a half!

        I think I already knew this, but I assume “query” means you’re going traditional?

      2. Bearing in mind I am yet to finish any of it – I’m thinking I’ll try the traditional route (if it’s still the same by the time I’m ready). If for no other reason just to see what the feedback is. Otherwise I also have no qualms about self-publishing, except it seems there is so much to do yourself. Benefits on both sides really.

        This is a story of my heart kind of thing. If no one else picks it up I’ll do it for myself.

  3. Mothers – they can never keep their mouths shut 😉 I love the emotion behind this scene. I even held my breath after Aiden gave his reason, hoping it worked for him – great build of tension.

  4. Poor guy you should have read the run up. But I agree about mothers. When I was young my sister and I went to see the Karate Kid (the original one) and we loved it so much we wanted to go and see it the next day. (We lived in the country and trying to take advantage of being in town). My Dad said ‘No way’, but then my grandmother told him to take us – and he did! It amazed me as a child to see my Dad doing what his Mum told him to.

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