Dragons – WIPpet Wednesday

WIPpet Wednesday is a blog-hop where writers throw open their Work in Progress to give you a sneak peak into their writing life. I had promised to post something about dragons this week – so here is 10(ish) paragraphs from the prologue of The Legend of the Kings (Book 3). (Please remember this is very much a first draft).

The golden dragon fell from the sky like a meteor, wings back, head flat and extended; her gaze locked upon the large grey slab marking the Boundary. This close to the stone the noise was unbearable, filling her head with a sharp crescendo of pain and blurring her vision. She tried to focus. To remember what was at stake. But the ground was coming up too quickly, and her wings wouldn’t respond.

She hit at speed, her breath knocked out of her as she pitched forward and slid across the dirt. The sound was everywhere now, slicing at nerve-endings; sapping her strength. She longed to let go. To let the white blanket of oblivion overtake her. But she pushed on – she hadn’t come far enough.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flicker of movement. Adrenalin flooded her system, and she struggled to her feet before she realised it came from the wrong direction.

It wasn’t him. 

A man ran towards her, brandishing a sword. Foolish. He had to know it was useless against dragon scale. She saw the glint of metal as the blade fell, and glanced off her side. Irritated, she whipped her head around and swatted him away like an insect.

She was almost there. Beyond his reach.


Was it too much to hope that she might have been able to slip away quietly? She’d chosen this place because it was remote and for other reasons too. Reasons tied up in another life. Yet another figure appeared at the tree-line, a younger man, red-gold hair flaming in the sunlight as he ran sword-in-hand, towards his friend’s unmoving body. The desperate grief on his face mirrored her own.

A savage roar, erupted from somewhere behind her. Her frayed nerves causing her to lurch forward and stagger sideways, clipping the youth and sending him sprawling as she sought to get away.

She could barely keep her eyes open now, as the noise raged. Stealing her strength. Her hope.  Her vision was blurring, the earth tilting dangerously beneath her feet.  Struggling to stay upright, her legs gave way and she came crashing down beside the youth.

Not far enough…

Well there you have it. If you’d like to participate, post something with some relationship to the date (10 lines, paragraphs, from page 10) and head over to this linky to add your link and see what everyone else is working on. Many thanks as always to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!


24 thoughts on “Dragons – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. It was worth the wait! I loved this. Great images from the very first line. I really like the fact this is from the dragon’s POV. Got me asking lots of questions though (which is a good thing!) – what’s the noise? What’s at stake? What is it that appears behind her with ‘a savage roar’ – another dragon? Both intriguing and exciting!

    1. I’m glad you liked it – I’ve been really nervous about posting this one. Sadly I can’t explain any of it because the whole thing is tied up in spoilers – most of the dragon scenes are…

  2. *clapping hands enthusiastically* I’d be jumping up and down, as well, but it’s way too early and I haven’t had enough caffeine. 😉 I love it. I’m pretty partial to dragon’s as it is, and this one sounds fantastic. I like seeing how authors portray the beasts and really enjoy fresh takes on them.

    1. I’m so glad you like it. I was honestly hugely worried about putting this one up – it’s so first draft rough. I’m hoping the dragonlore in this book is quite original. Thanks for the encouragement.



    Sorry. This was fantastic! I feel terrible for that dragon… funny how little sympathy I feel for my own species when the dragon’s viewpoint is the one you’re presenting us with. 🙂

  4. I haven’t really been a big fan of your wippet snippets thus far (that probably sounds like a slap in the face, sorry about that – keep reading the comment), but this one might make me buy the book (which means you ought to finish it, right?). Maybe the others did not have sufficient context for me (or I did not have sufficient understanding of their context) to be able to appreciate them.

    1. It’s always a risk posting WIPpets because they are out of context and you have to try and avoid spoilers. You also don’t get the benefit of the world building. So I appreciate they aren’t for everyone. I post them because it takes me so long to write, at least I have something to discuss with my other online friends.

      Thank you for your honesty – and your encouragment too. It’s always good to know how people are receiving your work – even if it isn’t always to taste!

  5. Very nice. By the end of the WIP the shorter sentences really help convey the fear and chaos of the moment. So glad you delivered dragons this week! You may have had a mutiny on your hands.

    1. Thanks Alana. I don’t know why I felt quite nervous about posting this one – probabally because the dragonlore and this storyline in particular is a bit close to my heart. Also I haven’t edited yet and every time I look at it I see glaring issues. (Will go back and polish, polish, polish)!

  6. Yay dragons! 😀

    I love that this is from the dragon’s POV, you don’t often get to see what is going on inside the dragon’s head (at least, not in my experience, which is, admittedly, limited).

  7. In case I haven’t said it before, you are the reason I restarted writing after 10 years. Its work like this that shows everyone your ability to write so poetically and with such style. Well done and keep it up 🙂

  8. Woohoo! I finally got a moment to come and read your dragon WIPpet!

    After just reading your next post (I’m traveling backwards through your posts), I can understand why you laughed so heartily at my inquiry about when this book would be done. I’m glad for the WIPpets about now because they’ll give me something of an appetizer whilst you cook up your masterpiece. I’d really like to hear more about this dragon.

    The bit about her swatting the two humans away with no particular desire to do harm is a nice touch. It’s not the vicious image of medieval dragons, nor the modern bear-like image of dragons as a creature that avoids conflict. Instead, she’s just a huge creature swatting away an irritating small creature.

    1. Yay – thanks for the back read. I’m so flat out with the kids at the moment that the poor blog is on a bit of a slide. I’m glad you liked her. My dragons are a wee bit different (aren’t they all)! Still like Seraph though (funny how her name sticks after the Syrup nickname run through!!).

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