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We all know everything changes and nothing stays the same – but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Today I had to farewell a close friend, who is moving away. She’s returning home (to the States), into a new and exciting phase of her life. I’m happy for her and can see how this is perfectly timed and a good move, but this new season also comes with a heavy-handed sprinkling of grief.

No more hanging out in her car before school pick-ups, no more looking over my shoulder in the movie theatre during the enthusiastic commentaries, and no more hours discussing the finer points of writing.

Yes there’s still all the virtual stuff, and we’ll keep in touch. But I’m going to miss her terribly.

So apart from feeling sorry for myself, how is this inspiring?

Firstly, my friend was one of the first people I’ve really been able to share my writing journey with. She’s helped, encouraged and cheered me on when I’ve felt I’ve all the talent of a limp biscuit. So even if she is off in far-flung realms, I can take all these miserable, unsettled feelings and pour them into my writing. I can also keep writing, so we can continue to share our lives through the stories we write and the characters we’re coming to know.

Stories are always centered around change. How our characters cope, adapt, choose to grow through the process or refuse point-blank until the choice is taken out of their hands.

I’ve got a new story simmering at the moment, where the characters stand on the edge of each other’s worlds. Trying to make a life together will come with a cost, and in the story the piper is fast approaching. Understanding how they balance their relationship and the pull of different origins and backgrounds is always interesting to unravel. The pain of saying goodbye? Yes, it’s in there too.

Like the people in the Game of Thrones, winter is coming to little ole NZ. It’s not my favourite season; the garden all but goes in to hibernation, it’s cold, wet and the hours of daylight grow short. However, I can also snuggle in by the fire, wrap up against the cold, enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof and look forward to the first signs of a new spring.

Sad yes, but looking forward to this new season too.

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36 thoughts on “Seasons of Change: Thursday’s Children

  1. So sad to hear that such a good friend is moving away. 😦 We haven’t moved in four years, and that’s the longest we’ve stayed up in one spot. Hope it lasts! I’m joining Thursday’s Children this week, btw! Finally jumped on the band wagon!

    1. We used to move a lot (including countries) when I was younger – so it’s not unfamiliar, but still a wrench. I figure you just enjoy what you have when you can. So glad to see you on the blog hop – it’s a great group!

  2. “It’s hard to lose a guy when your heart is full of hope, it’s worse to lose a towel when your eyes are full of soap.” Yeah, I know, not a guy issue, but that old quote just popped into my head and a little brevity is always a good thing. πŸ™‚

    The nice thing about living in this day and age is that you’ll be able to keep in better touch with one another. Not the same as having your friend right there, but how awesome to have such a friend to miss. Yes, I’m a fan of the “better to have loved and lost” theory. Hugs to you and your friend.

    1. You have the greatest sayings (like suck it up buttercup…). I’d not heard that one before, but it is very true.

      I agree with the loved and lost – and this isn’t lost, just loss. Thanks, Kathi.

  3. Sorry you’re losing your friend, and the warmth/sun at the same time. Here’s to friends who are so wonderful, it’s hard to imagine being who we are without their love and support.

  4. Ohhhh. Good friends are so important, and it’s so much better to have a good friend who lives close, but most of my best friends now have either moved away or never lived near me. Your friendship will change, but it’s still possible from a distance. *hugs*

      1. I’m always surprised to hear (or see) people from other countries call the U.S. “the States.”
        My friends and I have talked, for a long while, about trying to create a star-trek transporter. Unfortunately, none of us are physicists…

  5. You can’t buy friends like this. And they aren’t easily found. When we do find them, it’s like a little miracle. Hopefully, it’s the kind we can pass on.

    PS – Can’t wait to move back to the states.

    1. I agree – she really is one of those only a few in a lifetime sorts too. And I know being back in the States will be awesome for her – she’s lived away from her family for years. Hope you get home soon too.

  6. It’s funny to think you’re headed towards winter when over in old Blighty we’re heading (very gradually) towards summer and spring is just about here. Your friend sounds like a lovely person. I’m sure you’ll get used to her not being around eventually. And you’ll find your coping mechanisms! Like you say, her being gone can help to inspire your writing and spur you on to even greater literary creations!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear your friend is moving so far away and I know just how you feel as my best friend moved to Singapore with her family and my little goddaughter just over a year ago. But with texts, Skype and email we keep in touch and fortunately they’ve been back to the UK a couple of times. It sounds like you’re keeping as positive as you can and will embrace the changes – there’s nothing better than curling up in front of a fire with a good book when the wind is howling and its thundering rain outside so enjoy that side of winter for a few months. πŸ™‚

    1. I know it will be fine – just not the same. Although have to laugh our cat just flew past my peripheral vision (literal flying leap) and disappeared down the back of a drawer unit… I think he was chasing a butterfly… Life goes on – and you gotta laugh too.

      1. I have a wonderful image of your cat flying through the air! Life does go on and, although it’s easy to say (and I’m the worst at taking my own advice), focus on the good things in life.

  8. Ugh, goodbyes are so hard and good friends (especially as an adult) can be difficult to come by. I feel your pain. My best friend and I were forced to split way a few years ago, but we were both moving, so it didn’t feel as if one of us was abandoning the other. Still sucked. We keep in touch and have made yearly visits one way or the other.

    Enjoy the impending season change…the firelight, coziness, and lots of warm drinks! I love winter – however, I’ll admit, I am ready for spring.

    1. The truth is things need to change – but I agree Jessika, making those good friends can be difficult as we get older. I’m glad you and your friend keep in touch, I know we will too.

      And winter has certainly arrived – the wind is blowing off the south pole!

    1. I know – the first time I lived in the UK email was in its infancy and it cost an arm and a leg to call home (although it was Mum and Dad’s leg – as a uni student reverse charges were as good as it got). So yay internet.

      But we used to travel a lot when we were younger – is hard to stay behind.

  9. Thanks for sharing this πŸ™‚ We’re ALWAYS in a state of change, no? The seasons will come and go. People will be there… and then they won’t.

    It’s those little moments of stability that probably give us the most, though. Glad you had such a strong relationship with your friend. Think of it this way β€” now you’ll have the opportunity to make a new one!

    1. Yes there is always that – you can’t have too many good friends. Things are always changing. Funny how when something like this happens you stop and look back and realise how good and full life really has been. To the next phase!

  10. I’m so sorry you’re friend is moving. The internet and phone is great, but there’s something about seeing our loved ones in person. *Hugs*

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