People Skills: WIPpet Wednesday

One of the highlights of my week is hanging out with the Wednesday WIPpeteers – my awesome international writing buddies, who are good enough to share snippets from their work in progress. Although these pieces are often out of context and early drafts, it’s a great way to keep motivated and to catch up on teasers from a wide range of manuscripts. WIPpeteers, I salute you!

Today’s WIPpet, is (for a change) totally in line with the date. In honour of the 24th of April, here are 24 lines from page 24 of The Fall of the Kings. The passage is from Josiah’s perspective.

After a few minutes I realised Simon had stopped speaking and was looking at me, as though waiting for an answer.

I gave a vague nod, hoping I hadn’t agreed to anything I’d regret and rubbed my forehead.  The last thing Tobias needed was for anyone to think he was my favourite.

“I told Tobias to come and see me as soon as he returned. He probably took me literally.”

Simon snorted and shuffled towards the door. 

“But if he turns up early show him in. I have a job for him.”

Simon’s lips pulled together in a tight line, disapproval radiating out of every pore. But I pretended not to notice.

“We’re expecting such a large influx of people for the Dedication, I promised the Council some extra hands. Besides it’ll stop him cluttering up your reception area.”

 “As you wish.”

He gave a sharp nod, and his shoulders stiffened, as though it was all he could do to maintain his dignity.  I was tempted to let him have his sulk, but as prickly as Simon was, he served me tirelessly and deserved to be treated with kindness.  It would also make things easier for Tobias when he returned.

“I would have asked you Simon, but I thought digging the temporary privys was more suited to a novice than someone of your experience.”

“Of course.”

Although the words were delivered in a stoic manner, his cheek gave a tell-tale twitch.  This was one matter he would let go of.

If you would like to join in the WIPpet Wednesday fun, just post something from your work in progress that has some correlation to the date. 24 words, lines, paragraphs from page 24, or chapter 24. Being creative with the date reference is totally in the spirit of this blog hop! Then head over to this linky to join in the fun. Thanks as always to K.L. Schwengel for hosting!


19 thoughts on “People Skills: WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I love the whole build up, Simon feeling he’s been slighted somehow, the tension building… Yeah, I think someone else can dig the latrines. Perfect!

  2. I’d let that matter go too if I realised all I was missing out on was digging a privy! Simon’s sulkiness and disapproval comes across really well.

    WIPpet Wednesday is a highlight of my week too and I love the fact that we’re a band of international writers. 🙂

  3. Oh dear. Privies. Yes. I think I’d have to pass up that particular job as well. Although, I gather that’s NOT the job. Of course, you probably won’t tell me what IS the job until the book is out. *pout*

    Soooo, think you’ll be done soon?

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL… Sorry had to pick myself off the floor. Done soon? Maybe in another time dimension.

      Oh and he certainly did dig the privies, and then had some rather unfortunate up close and personal experiences too.

      1. LOL Well, I can be patient. And perhaps there is a you with all sorts of time on her hands somewhere, but I doubt she has a family. Fair trade-off, I’d say. 🙂

        You really fooled me there. I thought for sure Josiah was just saying that to placate Simon and for no other reason. Poor, poor Tobias.

  4. Sounds like something you’d find on that TV show, World’s Worse Jobs or something like that. Do you get that in New Zealand, I wonder? Did I ever tell you the story about having to use an outhouse while I was in labor with my second son???

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