I Know How He Feels… WIPpet Wednesday

I was thinking of renaming this blog WIPpet Wednesday with Raewyn, mainly because real life obligations have been crazy time-consuming and the WIPpets have been about all I can manage. Saying that I adore the WIPpeteers, and at least I’m still tapping into the writing (it’s alive, but on life-support at the moment). However I have my eyes on next week, when the schedule should settle down, and apart from my sister visiting from Aussie *happy dance*, this blog will be receiving some TLC.

Until then, thank you for bearing with me!

Here is this weeks WIPpet, a sneak peek into my work in progress The Fall of the Kings. In honour of the 8th of May, here are 8 lines from page 8. Let’s just say Josiah is feeling out of sorts.

After Marcus left, I couldn’t concentrate. I tried to go over my speech for the dedication ceremony, but my mind kept wandering and the words swam about on the page, slippery and impossible to hold. 

Simon brought a tray of food, which should have been a welcome distraction. But the smell of the spiced stew, fresh from the kitchen and steaming hot turned my stomach. I picked at a piece of plain bread, but even that seemed to stick in my throat. In the end I left it, and started pacing around the room; rolling my head and stretching my neck in a futile effort to relieve the headache that was rapidly building.

Have you ever felt like that? Sadly, I know the feeling well.

For those who want to meet the other WIPpeteers and check out their WIPs – click on this linky. If you’re feeling brave, join us! We’re a pretty friendly bunch. Just post something out of your own work in progress that has some correlation to the date, 8 words, lines, paragraphs, from chapter 8 etc. Be as creative as you like with the math (we often are). Many thanks again to the super-talented K.L. Schwengel for hosting. If you haven’t checked out her book First of Her Kind, it’s well worth a read!

Have a great week, and to steal Kathi’s term – keep cracking that WIP!

22 thoughts on “I Know How He Feels… WIPpet Wednesday

  1. I have DEFINITELY felt like that before! That’s a great description of it, I can feel his frustration and wrestlessness coming through.

    1. Yes I think we’ve all been there… I certainly have recently. What I love is where this chapter goes. You know when you’re already feeling out of sorts, and then someone who pushes all your buttons and needs all of your patience turns up.

  2. Um yes, I’ve felt like this before and far too often… I thought you captured his lack of concentration and restlessness brilliantly with him picking at the piece of bread and pacing the room. I could vividly see him stretching and rolling his head in an attempt to shift that headache.

  3. I concur with Kate on the showing and not telling. Very well done. I hate long-winded descriptions of what people are eating, like a menu for the smorgasbord. Handled how you’ve done it here, it flows and becomes transparent. Well done.

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out on FOHK. 🙂

  4. Been there too many times lately… I love the way you wrote it too–even if it did put me right back into one of those moments. 🙂

    As for the “Life Interferes” part… It happens. The point is to not let it stop you–slow you down maybe, but not stop. If writing three pages is too much, write 2-1/2 or 2. But write something…

    And when you suddenly find you do have time to write again, you’ll still have the habit in. As for blog posts… Maybe do a favorite video online or favorite picture post…one that inspires your stories?

    1. I agree, I know the feeling well too. Sorry to put you in the moment – I always feel a bit better (at least it’s him not me…).

      I’ll get there with the time. Usually I can scrape some writing time. This time I just over-committed on a grand scale – so apart from family, have been working solidly until my eyes close. Almost. There!

      1. Oh, don’t consider it a complaint, Raewyn. To be able to evoke sympathetic reactions in a reader is a good thing, even if it is a bit hard on your reader for a moment or two. 🙂

  5. As a “recovering glutton” I have to say that to be upset enough that food is distasteful is a very serious condition indeed. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying life! I’m sure being outside with your family must be worlds more invigorating than keeping up a blog!

    1. Yes, I know if I can’t eat something must be very wrong indeed…

      I wish it was all family time, sadly overcommitted with work (paid and unpaid…). A good lesson on managing own schedule.

  6. Poor Josiah. He just can’t catch a break! I totally understand the life-getting-in-the-way-of-blogging problem. It’s a good thing we have WIPet Wednesdays! 🙂

    1. I agree – I love WIPpet Wednesdays. A bit late getting around the blogs this week – but will get there. I am totally committed to the WIPpeteers!

      And no, Josiah just can not catch a break. Actually starting to feel a bit sorry for him.

  7. Although I love your snippets, I do miss your insight on the writing process… Can’t wait to have you back blogging full time 🙂 Have fun with your sister!

    1. Thanks EM, I know I feel like a bit of a writing fraud at the moment… But I think my sister is visiting friends as well, so am planning a writing catch up and trying to find my blogging mojo as well.

      Still looking out the window for that tardis (and loving the new season of Dr Who for that matter)! Imagine zipping off into another more serene time and place for a writing session and still being home for tea!

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