A Moment – WIPpet Wednesday

If I had to pick only one thing to keep up with on this blog it would be WIPpet Wednesday – for many reasons. For one the WIPpeteers are a great bunch; supportive, interesting and very talented. I love our weekly check-ins, it encourages me to trawl through my own writing, take stock of where I’m at and I get to read all sorts of WIPpets from a diverse range of genres.

*waves to WIPpeteers*

You rock!

Still wobbly this week, so in honour of the 19th with no clever WIPpet maths – here is the entire page 19 from my WIP The Fall of the Kings. I’m not going to give you any context or even tell you who the participants are – just to say unexpected things seem to happen in the light of the Heartstone…

“Not scared of my magic then?”  She narrowed her eyes, looking for any sign he was making fun of her.

“Should I be?”  He smiled again and took Tau’s scarf out of her hand and pressed it against the graze on her temple.  “Come on, I’ll show you the room.” 

And for some reason, against the glow of the Heartstone his smile looked genuine. 

“I’ll need to get my hat.”

“Of course.”

Make what you will of that!

Thanks as always to K.L. Schwengel for hosting us. If you’re keen to join us, just post your own WIPpet that has some relevance to today’s date and head on over to this linky.


19 thoughts on “A Moment – WIPpet Wednesday

  1. *waves back* Good morning! Well, for me at least. *yawn* You really need to finish this so I can read it in its entirety. An intriguing WIPpet. I get the feeling she doesn’t totally trust him, or his sincerity. Well done.

    1. I second that *yawn* – just woken to a very wet morning. Winter well and truly here now. Thanks as always – have just had a breakthrough in the story so here’s hoping I’m going to break the back of it soon. Thanks for the encouragement.

      1. That’s what I’m here for. Witty repertoire, arse kicking, and encouragement. Not necessarily in that order. 😉

  2. It is intriguing and out of context it’s left me with so many questions – I like that because I want to know more. I agree, WIPpet Wednesday check-ins are the best. 🙂 Hope you feel less wobbly soon.

  3. I quite agree, WIPpet Wednesday is the spark I need for my writing and for my blog. Time flies by way too fast and it is too easy for me to come up with distractions and excuses to say why I couldn’t write. WIPpet Wednesday gives me that goal of making sure to always be writing, because I have a group of people to answer to. You guys have been quite welcoming and supportive!

    Makes me curious on what her magic is!

    1. You’re so right about the time flying Sarah – this year seems to be going by at record speed, and before I know it, it’s Wednesday again. Must keep writing.

      So glad you’ve joined us.

      And as for the magic… well, that would be telling now… *inserts evil laugh* No can’t resist… bwahahahaha. The tragedy of the WIPpet.

  4. I really like how sometimes the things that should be insignificant are so significant and really make a story and a character. Now, I am assuming that’s what you’ve done here with the hat, and I’m probably horribly wrong. This did leave me with a lot of questions. Looking forward to reading more!

  5. That was beautifully written – especially ‘And for some reason, against the glow of the Heartstone his smile looked genuine’. I don’t know why but that line just jumped out at me and lingered. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read more.

  6. More, please! =D

    I’m eager to read more, and happy to have read this. I enjoy the feel of something unexpectedly shifting between these two…

    And I second everything you’ve said about the WiIPeteers! So glad to have landed here.

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