The Moon is Made of Glass

I walk most mornings in the wee small hours before my husband leaves for work, and during the winter months that means rugging up against the cold and navigating the path in the dark (or by streetlight). However the past few days, in wake of the storm, we’ve had beautiful clear skies and one of the brightest full moons I’ve seen for a long time. I’ve always felt there is something special about walking in the reflected glow of moonlight. The world seems softer, newer and more magical – especially when the heavy frosts sparkle, untouched by man and beast. So I guess it’s not surprising this fascination would work its way into a story somewhere along the way!

So in honour of the full moon, and the 26th of June here are 11 paragraphs (1+1=2 and because June is the 6th month – only WIPpet maths could equate that to the 26th) of my newest story, The Moon is Made of Glass, which has the potential to turn into a rather magical sort of WIPpet.

Carys peered into the moonlit pool, clapping her hands and laughing with delight as the gentle ripples pulled at her reflection; softening the edges and changing the shape of her face.

Sit still child.”

The old woman’s fingers, as sharp as her words, dug into the soft underside of Carys’s arm. Not taking her eyes off the water, she took a deep breath and tried to hold still. She had never been down to the lake at night, and she didn’t trust the old woman to break the spell and haul her back to bed.

There was magic in the moonlight. Carys could feel it. It felt warm against her skin like sunlight on a warm spring afternoon, soaking into her bones and making her feel like she was caught in the place between a dream and waking up. She held her breath and pulled her excitement in. If she could hide it from the old woman maybe she wouldn’t have to wake up from this dream.


It was barely a whisper, but Carys heard the threat.  She yearned to reach out and stroke the silken surface of the water, to fall into the moon’s perfect reflection – but she pulled the excitement closer and the grip on her arm relaxed.

She didn’t know how long she sat, holding her breath – eyes fixed on the silver disc in the water, but after a while she realised the only sound she could hear was the gentle huff of her breath. The nocturnal chorus of frog-calls and insect-song had disappeared, and even the lapping of the water grew still.

They’re holding their breath, she thought. Just like me.

“What do you see?”

There was a greedy edge to the old woman’s voice, as she strained forward to look over Carys’s shoulder. She shrunk away – suppressing a shudder, as the old woman’s breath blew hot against her ear. She was stealing the magic, sucking it out of the air as surely as the moon…

“What do you see?” The fingers dug in again and Carys jumped.

“It’s… it’s getting bigger.” (Postscript: Story continued here)

Well there you go. I hope you liked it!

While we’re talking about all things WIPpet related, I’m having a bit of a WIPpeteer fest this week on the blog. Yesterday our very talented Kate Frost was my very first guest-blogger, with a very thought-provoking post about self-publishing allowing greater freedom to write in different genres. If you haven’t already, you can check it out here.

And you should also buy The Butterfly Storm too (available from Amazon) – because it’s awesome. I’m going to do a review of The Butterfly Storm and ask Kate all sorts of probing WIPpeteer type questions (like what would your ideal WIPpeteer outfit be?… Just kidding… No, actually now I’m curious – you’ll have to tune in to find out…) in the very near future – so watch this blog!

And because A is for Awesome and Alana, (and And and Also) I’m also interviewing the lovely Alana Terry on Friday about The Beloved Daughter aka The Book that made me cry… for lots of reasons, not least because it was also so beautifully written. (Alana is it too late to have your take on the WIPpeeter outfit???). So make sure you come back for that too! (And buy The Beloved Daughter because it too is a story you need to read).

Many thanks to the lovely K.L. Schwengel for keeping the WIPpeteers in line hosting WIPpet Wednesday. If you want to join us, or check out some other very tantalising WIPpets head on over to this linky.

Have a great week!

28 thoughts on “The Moon is Made of Glass

  1. Wow. First off, *love* the title because I *love* the moon. Do you know the old movie The Moon Spinners? The opening theme is great. I also love the WIPpet you have going here and can’t wait to see more of it. You’ve set up some great tension in this scene.

    Second Wow — the WIPpeteers are quite an accomplished bunch, aren’t we? You’ve got a great line up coming to the blog. 🙂 Must make sure I swing by.

    1. Aww thanks. Having worked on the trilogy for so long it’s been fun dreaming up something else! And yes lots of talent in this group (can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Emergence soon too!!!).

  2. Wow, this is incredible! I want to read more. Now.


    Ugh, fine, I’ll wait. I’m excited about the interviews! I have both books, but I can’t read them yet. Gnarrrr….

    (“Gnarrr” is the new “grrrr” of frustration.)

    1. Yay! Thanks Kate. I think this might be a prologue to a bigger WIP, so might just keep posting for the next few weeks.

      I like gnarrr – always on the look-out for the next new expression!

  3. New stuff! I love new stuff from the WIPpeteers and this is just stunning, Raewyn. So evocative, peaceful and yet there’s an underlying hint of darkness to it. I’m with Kathi and Kate wanting to read more.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments about The Butterfly Storm. I’m looking forward to your interview with Alana on Friday and can’t wait to answer the questions you’re going to send my way! As for my ideal WIPpeteer outfit, I once played King Charles II in an all female version of The Libertine (John Malkovich played Charles II in the film version with Johnny Depp) and so I think my outfit from that complete with curly ‘Charles II wig-style’ hair and crazy/quirky make-up would be very suitable. I might just have to dig out a photo for next week’s WIPpet post… 🙂

  4. While reading that, I found myself holding my breath. Beautifully done. 🙂

    I’m totally a new WIPpeteer, but every time someone says WIPpeteer, I have this feeling like I should buy these $150 Ren Faire Pirate Boots I once saw and fell in love with.

    1. You have totally got a handle on the WIPpeteer philosophy – you will fit in beautifully. There was a tweet conversation that went nuts at the beginning of the year where people started posting pictures of potential costumes. To say they got dodgy is an understatement! I like the idea of Faire Pirate boots!

  5. This excerpt is quite unsettling – what sort of power does the old woman have over Carys? And what powers does Carys herself possess? Also I was wondering how old Carys is? She’s obviously a young child but does she grow up over the course of the story? So many questions…

    1. Well as I’m going to post the whole thing (this prologuey part anyway) I’m going to be mean and not tell you anything! What indeed… Oh and Carys is quite young – 7 or 8. But hopefully it will become clear – oh maybe not….

  6. Haha, there’s no way anyone could keep us all in line! That’s so nice you get some quiet time to go walking! I’m slightly envious… I loved this excerpt. Someone who can steal magic … Creepy. And intruiging!

    1. Thanks. I agree about keeping us in line – thats why I crossed it out…mwahahahah. But if anyone could it would be Kathi! The walks are lovely – have just got back in and am slowly defrosting.

  7. Carys already has my heart, Raewyn. And the scene… I love it. I love moons, and I love the way you brought both its beauty and a sense of danger into the scene. More please?

    Hooray for guest blogs with awesome WIPpeteers as the featured visitors!

    1. Thanks – it’s such a new piece (written on the back of scrap paper at the library) I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m planning on serialising this part, so will be more next week.

      1. I have to say, serializing it sounds deliciously evil… However, I think you might be selling yourself short,

  8. Ooh, I’m really intrigued by this. Love the descriptions and want to know what it is that’s getting bigger! Looking forward to seeing more of this one! (Though I do of course always enjoy Josiah et al. as well!)

    1. Thanks Christina – I was just the same as I was writing it (I felt like the old woman peering over Carys’s shoulder… although hopefully not so creepy).

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