Getting Caught Up

It’s good to be back! I enjoyed the hiatus and learned so many good, writerly things, it would be impossible to share it all in one post. (Or at least one you’d all read…). So I figured I’d just take the opportunity to give you the highlights, and a heads-up on what I’ll be discussing in the coming weeks.


Some of you were asking – so yes I did do some writing, but not nearly as much as I’d hoped.Β I didn’t finish the first draft of The Fall of the Kings, and if I’m honest it feels a bit like a Herculean task right now. I’m hopeful I’ll get there eventually, but I’ve actually been working onΒ The Moon is Made of Glass and have to say I’m loving it. The fact that it’s not epic, nor a trilogy probably helps.

I’m also gearing up to do NaNoWriMo next month. Never have I been so prepared for NaNo. I’ve even been researching this novel!

The Best Writing Advice Ever!

Well, for me anyway. A chance conversation at a writing group really opened my eyes to how I approach writing and my creative process. If I gave you a hint it would spoil it, so lets just say this conversation deserves a post of its own!

Two Great Fantasy Writers:

Two! Over the break I read the first two books of Hugh Howey’s very awesome Wool series (just waiting to get my hands on Dust). Not only could I not put down the books (post-apocalyptic, what-on-earth-happened-here at its best), but I was fascinated by how these stories were told. So many possibilities…

I also stumbled across David Gemmell’s Troy series at the library. How on earth I had missed David Gemmell for all these years is completely beyond me, because the series was amazing. I was both awed, inspired, and terrified (that’s the epic fantasy writer part of me) while reading these books.Β  Sometimes you just have to sit at the feet of a master…

Three of my Writing Buddies Published Books:

WIPpeteer Elaine Jeremiah released The Inheritance a story about two sisters and the very different life-choices they’ve made. Richard Parry, fellow spec-fic writer released Night’s Favour a gritty werewolf novel. And my good pal Aimee L. Salter, is about to release Breakable on 4th November. Breakable is a YA fantasy that gets right to the heart of surviving teenage bullying. You should totally check all of them out.

On There and Draft Again:

So although I wasn’t posting here. I was still posting with the Fellowship over at There and Draft Again.

  • Killer New Fantasy Series? The Kingkiller Chronicles are being made into a TV series – I’m hoping this is a good thing.
  • Epic Eras. Looking back to a period of history rife with inspiration.

I Won A Liebster!

This is my second Liebster award, but the great thing is that the questions change with each nomination. So many thanks to the lovely Jubilare. I will post my well thought out, and cultured, *coughs* response very soon.

So that’s me, all caught up. Stop by and let me know what’s been going on with you since July!

17 thoughts on “Getting Caught Up

  1. It’s good to have you back, Raewyn! So pleased that you’ve been working on The Moon is Made of Glass. I’m going to take part in NaNoWriMo for the first time too – exciting! Happy writing. πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve just found you and have added you as my ‘buddy’. I’m under Kate Frost so just as original as you… πŸ˜‰

  2. OMGosh has it really been 3 months! Feels like forever! I was planning on doing Nano this year but have decided against it. Like I said I’ve made steady progress on my EPIC WIP but have stalled somewhere near just the- most-crucial-part-of-the-novel. Eek. Anyway I’ve got a couple of projects on the side running now too and although it takes away writing time on my main WIP – I’ve discovered they’re also good at keeping me inspired. But perhaps that’s also because I’ve have some extra time on my hands since I broke my ankle. Going back to work tomorrow properly so… there goes my creating time again! Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Alison – I’ve really missed all the online regulars, and totally feel your stuckness. I know you will unstick it and work it all out. I’m really enjoying having the other projects going too – and I agree about the inspiration. When I just can’t nut out Kings, at least the words will flow somewhere else.

      Good luck with work!

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