The Return of WIPpet Wednesday: Spoilers

A new year and a renewed passion for writing! *sighs contentedly* I blame it entirely on being on summer holidays, and being able to stay up late and sleep in *sigh of still-not-quite-believing-it-myself amazement*. My children have finally (after many many years) realised the pleasure of easing into the morning – or at least letting me do so. All is truly well in my world!

So with the font of creativity bubbling over once again, I’m rejoining the ranks of the WIPpeteers. WIPpet Wednesday is the brainchild of the very talented Kathi Schwengel, where brave souls crack open works-in-progress and give you a sneak peek into what’s going on in those solitary writing caves.

The thing I find working on two books at once, is that the later one is filled with spoilers. So after trawling through the drafts looking for something appropriate to share for WIPpet Wednesday, I figured I’d throw caution to the wind and give you a small one. Today’s WIPpet hails from Legend of the Kings  (potentially book 3 in the Heartstone Trilogy). If you’ve read the WIPpets from The Fall of the Kings, you might be wondering; what’s happened to Josiah? 

You’ll be hearing more about Aiden in the future. He’s the guy that has lost everything. The Boundary erected against the dragons has protected most of the Kingdom, but it stripped his family property of its natural defences. He’s on a crusade to challenge the status quo, and thus far no one has been prepared to take him seriously.

According to WIPpet maths this passage should have some (a term interpreted very loosely) correlation to the date. So here are 7 sentences (8 (for the date) – 1 (for the first month) = 7).

“When Daniel Fells was found with Josiah’s ring, people wanted to believe Josiah had been killed because it was easier than thinking he’d abandoned them.  But if they’d bothered to follow the truth…”  He paused and his words seemed to hang in the air.  “They might have wondered where Daniel came across Josiah, and what a God-fearing, family man, could have possibly been doing with that ring.”

As he looked into the stoic faces of the locals, Aiden’s heart sank.

 Lord, what am I doing?  No one here is going to help me.

Make of it what you will!

You can check out what the other WIPpeteers are working on here.

Kudos if you can guess what happened to Josiah. Who is Daniel Fells? What happened to him? And what’s the story with the ring? (And no it isn’t the one ring to rule them all…)


31 thoughts on “The Return of WIPpet Wednesday: Spoilers

  1. *happy, happy, happy dance* Welcome back, Raewyn. We’ve missed you. 😀 Wonderful WIPpet. I love the last line but now, of course, GIVE ME MORE. *ahem* Sorry, got carried away.

  2. *joins in Kathi’s happy dance, busts a move or two* Woohoo! She’s back! 😀 And with a fabulous excerpt, as always. I’m so excited to read these books someday! … No pressure or anything. 😛

    And the flying monkeys ARE tricksy. Make sure to take some bananas with you. And some pepper spray. you never know which one will come in handy with flying monkeys.

      1. Maybe not unscarred. There was this one monkey with very sharp claws. But it’s just a small scar. Not much more than a scratch. I pulled out the bear spray on that sucker. 🙂

  3. *joins in with Kathi’s and ReGi’s happy dance* Yey! So good to have you back Raewyn. It seems a very long time ago since we got to read anything from your Heartstone Trilogy and, as always, it didn’t disappoint. So many questions and intriguing too – more please!

    1. Perhaps I should put some music on – such happy dancing all around (of course I have some serious(ly bad) moves to crack out myself. So nice to be back. And of course catching up with everyone elses WIPpets. *scuttles off to check linky*

  4. Allow me to add my ‘welcome back’ salutation to the others. It is great to read another excerpt from your work Raewyn. It’s intriguing. I want to know more about all the characters.

  5. Josiah is a zombie and Daniel is carrying the disease that zombies have and is going to spread it all over and Aiden is trying to prevent it from happening. lol really, I have no clue, but that’s okay.

    I like how this excerpt goes. it’s a story within a story, which is always interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. OH! You have my envy, Raewyn. The joy of sleeping in… sounds divine. (Of course you are fully welcome to be envious of me when summer reaches our northern clime.)

    Well, let’s see, Daniel sucked Josiah’s body and soul into a lamp, but the ring being metal didn’t fit and fell off. That’s when Daniel took it to wear on his own hand so that when he freed Josiah from his prison (there was an agreement here, and Daniel only imprisoned Josiah because he was asked to by Josiah himself) he could return the token. Right? 😉

    (Like Adrian, I have no clue; unlike Kathi, ReGi and Kate, I’m not going to dance… I sprained my ankle Monday; but here’s a virtual glass of wine and some really yummy (also virtual) chocolate truffles to welcome you back.)

    1. Ooo I love virtual chocolate – it never goes to your hips (or anywhere else the christmas indulgences seem to have grabbed a hold of). Hope your ankle heals soon – perhaps the virtual wine will help!

      And I really like the idea of Daniel being able to suck Josiah into the lamp – perhaps the effort made Daniel lose his memory temporarily leaving Josiah trapped… Actually apart from the lamp and the soul and the need to take the ring off you’ve identified a sliver of truth from the real story… Poor Daniel. He really wasn’t a bad guy.

      1. Ooh… a sliver of truth! (Is that like a sliver of cheesecake? Cause I really love cheesecake… 😉 )

        *raises glass in toast*

    1. Yes I’m quite fond of the man who’s lost everything – because they’ll set their mind to impossible tasks and not be swayed. I’m glad you liked Josiah. Lots of stuff happened. Lots. There, I’m sure you’re enlightened now!

  7. Welcome back, though I’m not sure if we WIPpeted at the same time before or not. I’m still relatively new and the early days are haze of summer for me.

    This scene gives me a feeling, though I’m not entirely sure what it was as I read it. Maybe a conflict of benefit of the doubt vs. reality? But, thing is you gave me feelings with just that wee bit, which is awesome!

    1. Thanks – I think you had joined (the now very big) WIPpeteers before I sloped off for a hiatus (gosh that sounds like I had a rest – hah!). Well I’m glad you felt something – it’s the almost end of a much longer interaction – and I gave you no setting at all – so thanks for being positive!

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