Excuses – Wednesday WIPpet

For once I’m not the one making excuses today on the blog. I’ve been very productive. The school holidays are still in full swing, so I’ve been using the snatches of time I’ve had to myself to transfer Legend into Scrivener. It’s a long process because apart from the initial NaNo draft that started part-way through the story, the rest of the book is in many, many, small pieces. For some reason, lost in the passage of time, every chapter was saved in its own word file. With a name that fails to accurately describe the contents. And then saved randomly all over my hard disk. I have no idea what I was thinking. None.

However after a lot of hunting, I’ve uncovered all sorts of gems. Many of these no longer fit into the story, but are useful for character development or backstory. Fortunately they’re all going into Scrivener where at least I’ll be able to find them for future reference.

Today’s WIPpet is one of these. It’s a little sketch of Megan and Peter’s relationship before Roan arrives on the scene. In honour of the 22nd of January, I present (approximately) 22 lines from a draft of The Legend of the Kings:

Peter was towering over her, his hair falling down into his eyes, which were overly bright and fixed on her with an uncomfortable intensity. As he registered the shocked expression on her face he loosened his grip on her arm.

“I’m sorry.  I startled you.  Dinner?  With us tonight?”

“Oh. What a kind offer…” Megan took a deep breath and smiled weakly up at him.  “But I need to stay with Magda for a few days.  Her infection is putrefying and I’ll need to lance it regularly and stay close in case she loses consciousness.”

The colour drained from his face as she spoke.  Peter had always been squeamish when it came to the less savoury elements of her profession.

“I’d ask you to come in, but the stench is pretty strong, and I’m going to need to bathe her…”  She reached for the door handle, giving him a resigned look .

“Yes of course.”  Peter stepped back and nodded sternly, failing to mask his distaste.  “Perhaps when Magda is recovered then?  Father and I don’t like to think of you up here on your own.”

“That’s really kind of you, but please don’t trouble yourself on my account.  Between Magda and Matthew, I seldom find any time to myself at all.”  Megan gave him what she hoped was a gracious smile, “Goodbye Peter.”  Before he could reply, she hurried inside Magda’s house and bolted the door behind her.

“My infection is putrefying is it?  I hope the stench doesn’t overpower you.”

Megan looked at the older woman who was sitting up on a large soft chair, her foot resting on a cushion.  Her eyes sparkled with humour and a cheeky grin was plastered across her face.

“Shhh, he’ll hear you…”

Poor Megan. And it only gets worse.

Many thanks to the lovely Kathi Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday; a day when writers from all over the globe share passages from their work-in-progress, and then encourage each other to keep pursuing their writerly dreams. It’s about community, and having something to show for a very long, solitary, process. If you’d like to join us, post your own WIPpet with some relevance to today’s date and join us over at this linky.

As for me, I’m still looking for the scene where the Captain of the Dragon Guard is caught crawling on his belly through his mother’s vegetable garden… Who knows where that got filed…

Happy writing!


30 thoughts on “Excuses – Wednesday WIPpet

  1. You have to find that scene, it sounds absolutely delightful. As for today’s…putrefying…I admit, that got my gag reflex. But well done. Making me and Peter think really gross things and wrinkle our noses.

    Your filing system sounds a bit like mine at times. Scrivener does help with that. All those ‘cut’ scenes get stored into another folder in case I need them. Good luck tracking everything down and getting it organized.

    1. Thanks I’ll need all the luck in the world I think. I’m not sure I even transferred it all over to this computer… I’m just hoping I don’t need to re-transcribe some of the paper files.

  2. I’m not squeamish (unless it’s to do with eyes) but I was very glad to not be eating when reading your extract today. Peter’s reaction is great and I love the way Magda is still full of humour despite her infection and stench!

    Good luck finding that missing scene – at least once in Scrivener you’ll know where everything is.

    1. Sorry about that – I’m not sure about you, but when I was pregnant I found that squeamish thing got worse. Oh and there is no stench (or any need for lancing) which is why Magda was laughing at Megan. (From memory I think she just fell and twisted her ankle). If Peter had been less squeamish he might have been able to spend even more time with the object of his affections.

  3. “Her infection is putrefying and I’ll need to lance it regularly” made me gag SO hard! Nice defensive move, but I’m glad I haven’t had breakfast yet. 😉

    Saving chapters in individual Word files does make sense (I can’t imagine scrolling through an entire ms every time I needed to check something), but Scrivener is SO much better for that! Good luck getting everything together, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying all of these gems you’re unearthing. 🙂

  4. LOL! Well, there’s a way to get a guy off your back. Poor Magda. Now the whole town will be asking how her ordeal was when her infection passes. I wonder if I should feel sorry for Peter as well. He seems so eager in a puppy-like way. “There she is! *POUNCE!* Oops. Back-down. Beg.”

    1. Oh yes, I didn’t think about that getting around. Although Peter being the man he is won’t have given a single thought to how Magda really is, so I guess he’s unlikely to say anything. Actually although Peter comes across as less-than-likeable (he has a Mr Collins quality) – Megan and I both have a soft spot for him. If he could let go of his determination to marry Megan they’d get along quite well.

  5. Haha – love the putrefying infection as a way of getting rid of a troublesome young man!

    Go you for mastering Scrivener! I have yet to do the same with Liquid Story Binder, which is the same type of program. It takes a lot of time that I don’t seem to have at the moment. Soon, though. Definitely, soon!

    1. I tried Liquid Story Binder for a while but gave up. I think Scrivener is much more intuitive — for me at least. Maybe you should try it, they have a very generous trial version.

  6. putrefying is a very interesting word. I don’t think it’s in common use here, but I like it! Sounds like the transfer to Scrivener will take some time but hopefully it will be worth it!

    1. I don’t even know if it is a word (must stroll over and pick up dictionary…) but I like the sound of it! And Scrivener is already worth every single cent I paid for it. #scrivenerlove

  7. The problem with having been a nurse many years ago is that I can vividly imagine a putrefying infection–I’ve packed wounds like that. Ew! Guess that’s one way to turn a guy down, right? Hm…I wonder if that would work in the real world when getting unwanted attention: “Uh, no thanks on buying me a drink…I have to go take care of a putrefying wound.”

  8. Heh, clever girl! That was a great twist at the end of the scene.

    Good luck in finding the scenes that are still missing! Your description of the random scenes all over the computer made me smile. 🙂

  9. I love the way Megan is playing with Peter here… It’s sad that it’s so very clear that Peter can’t get past his own discomfort though. Says far too much about his personality and why Megan wants to ditch him.

    And I do that! (Granted, my files are Wordperfect files, but yeah… I have been slowly tracking down and converting and rearranging files for the same reason.)

  10. I like Peter’s squeamishness and how Megan is quietly calm about her friend’s infection. She seems like a steady person. It looks as though Peter’s a bit keen on her, unless I’ve misread the passage.

    Anyway, well done for taking on the challenge of putting your work on Scrivener. I’ve given up with it for now – I don’t understand it! Word is nice and simple for me, just what I need! 🙂

    1. No, you haven’t misread the passage – he is painfully keen on her and is not picking up on any of the subtle, gentle cues she’s giving him. You just know at some stage she is going to have to spell it out for him. Poor Peter.

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