TFOTK: Chapter One – Josiah

Gareth looked at me with such tenderness, I was almost undone. When he reached across the table and grasped my forearm in an act of silent solidarity, only the iron discipline forged as Overseer held back the floodgates of emotion. Never mind Gareth was the longest serving of the twelve Kings of Gallea, and I … Continue reading TFOTK: Chapter One – Josiah

Feeling Let Down: WIPpet Wednesday

It's been a rough week. We lost a beloved friend to cancer, and it hurt. And in a cruel double-whammy we also saw the legal system fail spectacularly. As a lawyer I've seen it before, but rarely in such a cruel fashion. Going through a week like this makes you realise you need to cherish … Continue reading Feeling Let Down: WIPpet Wednesday


It's the day after the close of NaNoWriMo, that juggernaut that drives many into a November of frenetic writing. Yet instead of a rough and ready 50K manuscript, I've logged back on to my neglected NaNo account to check out my word count of - drum roll please - 5977.  And no, I haven't missed … Continue reading NoMoWriMo