Gaining Perspective

It's hard to admit you've lost your way. It's even worse when you knew where the signposts were, but you turned a blind eye and wilfully cut your own track anyway. The problem is, if you are going the wrong way eventually you will have to get back on track, or be forced to an … Continue reading Gaining Perspective

The Butterfly Storm – An Interview with Kate Frost

One of the best things about the on-line writing community is making friends with other writers, and then getting to ask them all sorts of things about their books and writing processes. I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Kate Frost's blog last year, but  we really hit it off during chats in the … Continue reading The Butterfly Storm – An Interview with Kate Frost


A weekly blog hopwhere writers come together to talk about whatever inspires them.So many things have inspired my writing this week it's been a hard road to pick which one should carry the flag into the Thursday's Children fray. There was reaching a goal - finishing chapter edits of the first third of the book … Continue reading Tubers