Month: March 2014

Taking a Dip – WIPpet Wednesday

What do you call a writer who hasn’t been writing? I wish this was a joke with a great punchline, but sadly it’s been a miserable reality of late. My highly anticipated writing weekend fell through, and a new volunteer job has been more of a time-suck than I anticipated. So I’m doing a big push this week to clear the decks so I have a whole day (read school day) to write. I think it’s a worthy goal, as I figure I need a decent stretch of time to find my way back into the story. Wish me luck!

Anyway the past few WIPpets have been a bit heavy, so I’ve been looking for something lighter this week. In this WIPpet Megan and Roan are talking about Matthew – one of my all time favourite characters. Matthew is a travelling preacher, who has been a father figure to Megan. Roan has recently arrived in the Hamlet and has already had some interesting encounters with Matthew.  He likes him, but can’t reconcile him with any of the religious folk he’s come across before. Megan is doing her best to shed some light on him. So for your reading pleasure I give you 20 sentences (12+3+1+4) from The Legend of the Kings (Book 3):

Megan laughed.  “Oh you must get him to tell you about his time at the Sanctuary. He has such a love for God – you’ve seen it, and a gift for interpreting the scrolls, so they couldn’t fault him there. But I think he was a trial to them. One day he went swimming in the lake in the Sanctuary garden, “as God intended”. That’s how he described it – can you imagine? He said it was hot, and he’d been working hard, and when he spotted the lake he figured God would totally approve of a fellow cooling off.  So in he went.”

“But while he was splashing about, his clothes lying on the bank, the Overseer arrived with a group of old ladies, and they decided to stop and picnic right next to where Matthew had left his clothes. So he gets low in the water, and tries to hide in the rushes, when Tobias trips on one of his boots. Tobias looks around and spots the clothes, and clearly not wanting to alert the old dears, strolls over to the water’s edge.

“Matthew is in the water trying to get his attention, and not wanting to be too obvious, when Tobias looks directly at him and holds his gaze. There was no mistaking he’d seen Matthew, but his face doesn’t register anything. He turns back to the ladies and they proceed to enjoy a long drawn out picnic in the sun.

“In the end Matthew started turning blue and his skin wrinkled up so badly he thought he was going to turn into an old duck himself. So he strolls straight out of the lake, casual as you like, picks up his clothing, doffs his hat at the ladies and makes off into the garden as though it was the most ordinary thing in the world.”

Roan was trying not to laugh.  It was just the kind of thing he could picture Matthew doing.

“What happened?”

“Oh – that evening Tobias called Matthew into his office for a chat.  He didn’t mention the incident at all, but asked Matthew if he’d consider being a travelling preacher and teaching those in the remoter parts of Gaelladorn. And that’s what he did.”

Many thanks again to the lovely host of WIPpet Wednesdays, the very talented K.L. Schwengel. I’ll be sharing a sneak peek at the cover of Kathi’s new book Emergence later on this week on the blog! If you’d like to join us, or see what the other WIPpeteers are working on head over to this linky. Have a great week.


Because None of Us Get it Right All of the Time – WIPpet Wednesday

It’s a glorious thing to be human. But the thing about being human is that none of us get it right all of the time. And that applies especially to me in so many areas of my life. Especially when it comes to writing. At least I’m not the only one – today one of my characters, is also missing the mark.

Last week I posted an exerpt from The Legend of the Kings, and with my head on big things going on my own life – totally forgot to give you any background on the passage. Fortunately this week’s WIPpet follows straight on from where we left off, so I will redeem myself and offer up the following introduction:

When the Boundary was erected to keep the dragons out of Gaelladorn, it created an area of no-man’s land between the surrounding mountains where the dragons now live and prey on pretty much anything they can catch. Unfortunately a strategic pass between Gaelladorn and Rohanna (a hostile neighbour) fell within this area and is no longer defendable (against those willing to risk the dragons). Aiden’s home (near the pass), was destroyed and most of his family killed in one of an increasing number of Rohe attacks. His father, the only other survivor, has to Aiden’s frustration retreated into an unresponsive / vegetative state. Aiden has come to the Sanctuary as a refugee and is convinced the Boundary was never meant to be a permanent solution to the dragon problem.

With nothing left except a burning desire to unravel the mystery of the Boundary, his unrelenting search has led him not only to annoy half of the Sanctuary, but finally to a scroll containing a nugget of information that might help. Feeling certain he is on the right track, and that he has been called to a divine quest he tries to get the Overseer on board. However the Overseer is struggling. This scene took place in Tobias’ office (formerly Josiah’s office for those of you following the WIPpets). Tobias had a throbbing headache before Aiden arrived, and has been fielding complaints about Aiden’s dogmatic manner.

As luck would have it there just happened to be five paragraphs (for the 5th of March) of the chapter left:

Aiden looked like the wind had been knocked out of him. Grabbing his bag he got up and bolted out of Tobias’ office without a backward glance.

Tobias closed his door and dropped into his chair. He felt old, and exhausted, and when he looked down he was surprised to see his hands trembling.  Clasping them together firmly, he closed his eyes and bowed his head low, until his forehead rested on the smooth mahogany desk-top.

Lord, that didn’t go well.  Did I do the right thing?

But there was no answer. No peace. Just the pounding of his head, and a heaviness that seemed to settle over him. For a moment he fought an urge to run after Aiden and let him follow his quest. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt? But then people would think he was going soft.

No. There was nothing to find. He was the Overseer, and it was his call.

Poor old Tobias. He’ll redeem himself – eventually.

Many thanks to the lovely K.L Schwengel who came up with the wonderful world of WIPpet Wednesday; an opportunity for writers to share from a work in progress (WIP), with some reference to the date. If you’d like to participate post your own WIPpet and head over to this linky and join in the fun!