Work In Progress: The Fall of the Kings

At the heart of Gallea lies a large amber stone; warm to the touch, and glowing with a strange light visible across the realm.  Legend tells it was placed by the hand of the One God himself at the beginning of time, and as long as it remains the land will enjoy great blessing and prosperity.  Whatever the truth, the golden age of Gallea has endured as long as anyone can remember.  The twelve kingdoms are unified, the borders are secure, and the land is rich and fertile.

Josiah Daffyd, Overseer of the Realm and the Conscience of Gallea, has dedicated his life to building the Sanctuary – a glorious complex dedicated to the way of the One God.  However months before the Sanctuary is complete several young volunteers go missing, and everything points to one of his own being responsible.  However before Josiah can get to the bottom of it, his wife Alyssa also dies tragically in childbirth.

Struggling to come to terms with his grief, Josiah is called upon to appoint a new King.  Unable to hear from the God he serves, he is persuaded to select the popular General, Marcus Verona.

From the outset Josiah has reservations about Marcus.  Charming and charismatic, accomplished and more than capable of ruling the Upper Reach, he is clearly the people’s choice.  But when Marcus is crowned King, Josiah’s worst fears are realised. Marcus, unable to accept the traditional restraints of office, embarks on his own quest to get free of Josiah’s interference for good.  However what he discovers will change the face of the kingdom forever.

Only Josiah, isolated and struggling to pull together a Sanctuary tainted by suspicion and rumour, has the power to stop him.  But with the very heart of the kingdom under threat, can Josiah stand in the way of a man determined to be King?

9 thoughts on “Work In Progress: The Fall of the Kings

  1. Everybody knows that charming and charismatic men can’t be trusted. What was Josiah thinking! I look forward to reading the finished masterpiece!!!!

  2. Wow. I really, really want to read this. I stumbled across There and Draft Again and now am falling in love with your blog!

      1. Yesss please do! And if you’re looking for random beta readers… *raises hand*

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