Heady Days of Optimism: NaNoWriMo is back!

It’s been a few years since I succumbed to the siren call of NaNoWriMo, and a few more since I managed to produce 50,000 words of semi-readable prose; yet ever since that first crazy angst-ridden effort, November for me, has become synonymous with writing. So although I got on my soap-box on this blog and said NoMoWriMo for me, I’m wondering whether it’s time to dip my toe in the warm waters of creativity and try my luck again.

They say time heals all.

So the blog has been dusted off and given a facelift (new season, new look… although I’m not sure quite what this theme says about this season?). Scrivener has been opened up with an eye on using it for something other than sticking inspiring pinterest pictures and playing with the post it notes. And quite fortuitously my monthly writing group happened today, so I’m in the writing zone!

What could go wrong?

Looking back on my Postcards From NaNo series, the last time I was this optimistic going in the enthusiasm lasted three days, before the wheels fell off at day 15. To protect myself from NaNo burn-out this year I’ve come up with some rules of engagement.

Rule 1. Don’t chase the word count. My main goal is to recapture my love for writing and to reestablish the habit, rather than crush the magical creative process chasing some random numerical validation set by someone else.

Rule 2. Don’t compare. Yes I have suffered from word count envy in the past. Not even looking at the stats this year.

Rule 3. No strict rules. I don’t have to write every day if it doesn’t work. I don’t even have to work on just one novel. Or in fact any novel. I might write poetry. Or song lyrics. I used to like writing song lyrics!

Rule 4. Have fun. If it isn’t fun I’m not doing it.

Hopefully that will keep November from derailing. Expect some NaNo postcards again this month, but probably not every day. And if anyone still reads this blog, stop by and let me know how your own creative process is working out!