Month: January 2014

The Right Thing: WIPpet Wednesday

It’s early-squirly Thursday morning here in NZ, but I’m operating on the assumption that the day isn’t really over if you haven’t gone to sleep… and it’s Wednesday where the other WIPpeteers are, so that must count for something?

In honour of the fading vestiges of the 29th of Jan, I offer you 11 sentences (2+9 = 11) from The Legend of the Kings. Aiden is still with the Frasers, and is once again trying to explain himself (I know how he feels):

“Why is it so important to you?” There was no warmth in Ian Fraser’s eyes, and the challenge hung heavy in the air.

Why indeed? Why was this so important?

Reasons swarmed up to justify his quest. Because he couldn’t live one more day trapped behind an ineffective Boundary. Because almost everyone he loved was dead. Because what was left of his life was so unbearable he needed something to fill his time. Even if it was impossible. 

But even as the painful thoughts arose, something quieter pushed at his memory.

“Because what happened wasn’t right.”

Poor Aiden.

Many thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. Head on over to this linky to check out what the other WIPpeteers are working on.

Happy writing – and sweet dreams!


Excuses – Wednesday WIPpet

For once I’m not the one making excuses today on the blog. I’ve been very productive. The school holidays are still in full swing, so I’ve been using the snatches of time I’ve had to myself to transfer Legend into Scrivener. It’s a long process because apart from the initial NaNo draft that started part-way through the story, the rest of the book is in many, many, small pieces. For some reason, lost in the passage of time, every chapter was saved in its own word file. With a name that fails to accurately describe the contents. And then saved randomly all over my hard disk. I have no idea what I was thinking. None.

However after a lot of hunting, I’ve uncovered all sorts of gems. Many of these no longer fit into the story, but are useful for character development or backstory. Fortunately they’re all going into Scrivener where at least I’ll be able to find them for future reference.

Today’s WIPpet is one of these. It’s a little sketch of Megan and Peter’s relationship before Roan arrives on the scene. In honour of the 22nd of January, I present (approximately) 22 lines from a draft of The Legend of the Kings:

Peter was towering over her, his hair falling down into his eyes, which were overly bright and fixed on her with an uncomfortable intensity. As he registered the shocked expression on her face he loosened his grip on her arm.

“I’m sorry.  I startled you.  Dinner?  With us tonight?”

“Oh. What a kind offer…” Megan took a deep breath and smiled weakly up at him.  “But I need to stay with Magda for a few days.  Her infection is putrefying and I’ll need to lance it regularly and stay close in case she loses consciousness.”

The colour drained from his face as she spoke.  Peter had always been squeamish when it came to the less savoury elements of her profession.

“I’d ask you to come in, but the stench is pretty strong, and I’m going to need to bathe her…”  She reached for the door handle, giving him a resigned look .

“Yes of course.”  Peter stepped back and nodded sternly, failing to mask his distaste.  “Perhaps when Magda is recovered then?  Father and I don’t like to think of you up here on your own.”

“That’s really kind of you, but please don’t trouble yourself on my account.  Between Magda and Matthew, I seldom find any time to myself at all.”  Megan gave him what she hoped was a gracious smile, “Goodbye Peter.”  Before he could reply, she hurried inside Magda’s house and bolted the door behind her.

“My infection is putrefying is it?  I hope the stench doesn’t overpower you.”

Megan looked at the older woman who was sitting up on a large soft chair, her foot resting on a cushion.  Her eyes sparkled with humour and a cheeky grin was plastered across her face.

“Shhh, he’ll hear you…”

Poor Megan. And it only gets worse.

Many thanks to the lovely Kathi Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday; a day when writers from all over the globe share passages from their work-in-progress, and then encourage each other to keep pursuing their writerly dreams. It’s about community, and having something to show for a very long, solitary, process. If you’d like to join us, post your own WIPpet with some relevance to today’s date and join us over at this linky.

As for me, I’m still looking for the scene where the Captain of the Dragon Guard is caught crawling on his belly through his mother’s vegetable garden… Who knows where that got filed…

Happy writing!

A Happy Chaos – Wednesday WIPpet

It was easy to choose a WIPpet this week. Summer holidays are always a chaotic tumble of people coming and going at our house. (Thus the reason writing only occurs very late at night…). Relatives, friends, the kids friends, neighbours… It seems water pistols are stashed all over the yard, and when I asked my daughter if she’d seen my dishwashing liquid, she didn’t batt an eyelid.

It’s in the tree Mum.

Of course it was. I’d said they could use it to soap up the trampoline.

There’s been camping, board games, a glossy black grass beetle captured and named Bo (our new pet apparently), and a trip to the emergency room when a game of Man versus Wild went wrong. (No they didn’t eat Bo, just got a bit carried away with a pocket knife while building a shelter. The finger will be fine…).

So no fenangaling WIPpet maths this week, I found this passage while I was transferring Legend over to Scrivener, and I thought it captured the essence of the date in our household fairly well. (Bear in mind this was the product of an old NaNo effort and is still very much in draft form).

We’re still with Aiden, who has just arrived at Aradawn Station. Home of the Frasers:

When Aiden emerged from his room sometime later, he found the large dining room and kitchen overrun with children. They seemed to fill every available space; clustered around the corner of a table playing cards, wrestling on the floor and ducking in and out of the open door in a chaotic game of what was either tag or tackle your victim to the ground. In what Aiden thought was a particularly austute move, one small girl was sitting under the table reading a book.

The smell of roasting lamb and freshly baked bread made his mouth water as he waded through the children, looking for a familar face. The kitchen was full of women he didn’t recognise, stirring pots and preparing all manner of vegetables. Calling across to each other as they worked and fending off would-be dinner poachers with practiced ease.

Deena appeared at his elbow, a baby bouncing on her hip, her clear voice cutting through the chatter and causing heads to swivel in her direction.

“This is Aiden Fletcher. He’s staying with us for a time, so show him some Fraser hospitality will you. And that includes you Kyle Fraser.” She raised an eyebrow at a freckled boy of nine or ten whose attention had been focussed on lowering a spider into the back of a young girls head. He froze, and slowly pulled the long-suffering bug back into his lap. The girl turned around and seeing the look on his face, scowled at him and thumped him hard on the arm.

Deena shot them a look which managed to convey exactly what they might expect to happen if she had to come over there. With wide eyes, the two disappeared outside, no doubt to continue annoying each other until dinner time.

“Bunch of savages the lot of them.”

But the real affection she held for them was shining in her eyes, even as she looked at Aiden with mock exasperation.

There was no way Deena could know how much this rowdy, natural display of family life amplified his own loss. But he didn’t trust his voice to come out evenly either, so he pasted a smile on his face and nodded to a few of the older members of the family who were staring outright.

A big thanks to the WIPpeteers for giving me such a great welcome back last week. If you’re keen on joining in the WIPpeting fun, just post your own WIPpet, and join in at this linky. Thanks as always to master of the winged monkeys, the lovely Kathi Schwengel for hosting! Happy writing!

The Return of WIPpet Wednesday: Spoilers

A new year and a renewed passion for writing! *sighs contentedly* I blame it entirely on being on summer holidays, and being able to stay up late and sleep in *sigh of still-not-quite-believing-it-myself amazement*. My children have finally (after many many years) realised the pleasure of easing into the morning – or at least letting me do so. All is truly well in my world!

So with the font of creativity bubbling over once again, I’m rejoining the ranks of the WIPpeteers. WIPpet Wednesday is the brainchild of the very talented Kathi Schwengel, where brave souls crack open works-in-progress and give you a sneak peek into what’s going on in those solitary writing caves.

The thing I find working on two books at once, is that the later one is filled with spoilers. So after trawling through the drafts looking for something appropriate to share for WIPpet Wednesday, I figured I’d throw caution to the wind and give you a small one. Today’s WIPpet hails from Legend of the Kings  (potentially book 3 in the Heartstone Trilogy). If you’ve read the WIPpets from The Fall of the Kings, you might be wondering; what’s happened to Josiah? 

You’ll be hearing more about Aiden in the future. He’s the guy that has lost everything. The Boundary erected against the dragons has protected most of the Kingdom, but it stripped his family property of its natural defences. He’s on a crusade to challenge the status quo, and thus far no one has been prepared to take him seriously.

According to WIPpet maths this passage should have some (a term interpreted very loosely) correlation to the date. So here are 7 sentences (8 (for the date) – 1 (for the first month) = 7).

“When Daniel Fells was found with Josiah’s ring, people wanted to believe Josiah had been killed because it was easier than thinking he’d abandoned them.  But if they’d bothered to follow the truth…”  He paused and his words seemed to hang in the air.  “They might have wondered where Daniel came across Josiah, and what a God-fearing, family man, could have possibly been doing with that ring.”

As he looked into the stoic faces of the locals, Aiden’s heart sank.

 Lord, what am I doing?  No one here is going to help me.

Make of it what you will!

You can check out what the other WIPpeteers are working on here.

Kudos if you can guess what happened to Josiah. Who is Daniel Fells? What happened to him? And what’s the story with the ring? (And no it isn’t the one ring to rule them all…)