The Right Thing: WIPpet Wednesday

It's early-squirly Thursday morning here in NZ, but I'm operating on the assumption that the day isn't really over if you haven't gone to sleep... and it's Wednesday where the other WIPpeteers are, so that must count for something? In honour of the fading vestiges of the 29th of Jan, I offer you 11 sentences … Continue reading The Right Thing: WIPpet Wednesday

Excuses – Wednesday WIPpet

For once I'm not the one making excuses today on the blog. I've been very productive. The school holidays are still in full swing, so I've been using the snatches of time I've had to myself to transfer Legend into Scrivener. It's a long process because apart from the initial NaNo draft that started part-way … Continue reading Excuses – Wednesday WIPpet

The Return of WIPpet Wednesday: Spoilers

A new year and a renewed passion for writing! *sighs contentedly* I blame it entirely on being on summer holidays, and being able to stay up late and sleep in *sigh of still-not-quite-believing-it-myself amazement*. My children have finally (after many many years) realised the pleasure of easing into the morning - or at least letting … Continue reading The Return of WIPpet Wednesday: Spoilers