The Prologue is Never The End

Today is the final instalment of the prologue for my new Work in Progress, The Moon is Made of Glass. If you've been following along with the WIPpets today is the day you find out the fate of Carys - the young girl watching the moon in the pond. If you haven't read the first … Continue reading The Prologue is Never The End

Reflections – WIPpet Wednesday

Happy WIPpet Wednesday! My favourite blog day of the week, where the fearless WIPpeteers crack open their works in progress and dare to bare them to the world in all their first draft glory! (It's not for the faint-of-heart, I can assure you). True to my word, this week's WIPpet is from my new WIP, … Continue reading Reflections – WIPpet Wednesday

Is Your Plot Bunny Leading You on a Wild Goose Chase?

A weekly blog hop where writers get togetherto talk about what inspires them.This week I'm inspired by plot bunnies. Those marvellous story ideas that turn up at the most inopportune moments, dazzle you with their clever brilliance, and then bound off at speed, so you have no choice but to follow and see where they … Continue reading Is Your Plot Bunny Leading You on a Wild Goose Chase?